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Over the counter free consultancy, run by the CPD with a staff of qualified technicians, which works to assist hoteliers in their difficulties related to the question of acceptance and accessibility, trying to support the principle that "access is convenient” Turismabile and CPD pursue, through the efforts and cooperation with qualified professionals, "transparent" accessibility.
This is a series of technical measures that make the structures accessible in  pleasant and non-invasive, building environments suitable for everyone, but no less valuable from an architectural point of view.
Staff are available for any information.


Transportation services > stazione ferroviaria > Stazione Ferroviaria "Biella San Polo"

Photo: Stazione Ferroviaria "Biella San Polo"
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Piazza San Paolo 0 - 13900 Biella (BI)

Resource type: stazione ferroviaria

The station has parking lots for handicapped near the station entrance.
The ticket office and the waiting hall can be used by passengers in wheelchairs.
Lifts and/or ramps permit to cross differences of levels.
Tourists have access to an equipped toilet.
The access to the trains is guaranteed by the lift trucks and wheelchairs.


Activities for specific groups:

Service SALE BLU – possibility to book an assistance service calling the Unique national number 199 30 30 60 [Activated every day, holidays included, from 7 to 21. Cost with fixed telephone network (at the caller’s expense - IVA included) – activated at the answer: 6,12 Euro cents; cost per min. 2,64 Euro cents. Cost from mobile phone network (the cost various depending on the mobile phone operator) - activated at the answer: 12,40 and 15,49 Euro cents (indicated cost). Cost per minute: from 24,17 and 48 Euro cents (indicative price)], sending an email to, or contacting directly the number 011 669.04.47, to the office at the desired station