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Over the counter free consultancy, run by the CPD with a staff of qualified technicians, which works to assist hoteliers in their difficulties related to the question of acceptance and accessibility, trying to support the principle that "access is convenient” Turismabile and CPD pursue, through the efforts and cooperation with qualified professionals, "transparent" accessibility.
This is a series of technical measures that make the structures accessible in  pleasant and non-invasive, building environments suitable for everyone, but no less valuable from an architectural point of view.
Staff are available for any information.


EasyJet, compensation to a disabled passenger


Foto: EasyJet, compensation to a disabled passenger

Perhaps a sentence would have been better. In the sense that if a court had determined the illegality of denial of boarding of an aircraft to a passenger with disabilities unaccompanied, the sentence would have swept away doubts and fears. But the choice of EasyJet not to go to trial and give a compensation to a traveler which is denied boarding for "security reasons" is certainly a great step forward.

Vincenzo Russo, who went to Naples with EasyJet flight from Milan to family reasons, was refused boarding on the flight back with the usual, stale, motivation: is not accompanied. As often uses the aircraft for business and pleasure, Vincenzo Russo, forced to change carrier for resistance to the bitter end of the commander and staff of the company, was outraged and, once returned home, took a pen and paper with a friend lawyer and asked for 10 thousand euros in compensation to the company. Failing that, he would face the court and the media. Result: EasyJet offered 5 thousand euros, instead of being dragged into court and held up to public as discriminatory. Hoping that at least the lesson was definitely learned, since is not the first incident of this kind, involving EasyJet. And hopefully, somewhat utopian, it also clarifies the questionable rule on safety, whereby a carrier may also refuse boarding to a person with disability not accompanied.