Turismabile News on accessible tourism in Piedmont http://www.turismabile.it/ 2014-09-17T15:30:45+01:00 text/html 2013-05-14T18:43:23+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile ACCESSIBLE TOURISM AND PIEDMONT FOR ALL http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=576 text/html 2013-04-05T14:25:26+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile WORLD MASTER GAMES IN TORINO! http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=574 Torino has been designated to host the major event's eighth edition from 2 August to 11 August 2013. text/html 2010-09-17T11:54:50+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile Azienda agricola Caretto, accessible harvest http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=430 On September 26th and October 10th the farm organizes two days dedicated to harvesting for families text/html 2010-08-18T16:30:39+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile I am not afraid http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=428 At the TTI, Saturday, Oct. 23, a seminar on the organization of tourist offer for all in Rimini text/html 2010-08-12T10:19:21+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile EasyJet, compensation to a disabled passenger http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=425 Naples Airport personnel refuses boarding: the company chooses to compensate instead of facing a trial text/html 2010-08-12T10:18:34+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile Holidays for everyone in Abano http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=418 Initiative for over 3,000 families in the area of Padua developed by Adoc and Federalberghi Abano with the support of the Chamber of Commerce text/html 2010-08-11T16:37:11+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile Reflections on denied access to a carousel http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=422 Some observations about the access to a carousel denied to a girl with Down Syndrome text/html 2010-08-05T09:57:29+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile A route without barriers from Sassello to Beigua http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=420 On 10 August, the fourth accessible hike within "All together at..." text/html 2010-08-03T10:52:14+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile Sestriere,Sport and tourism in the mountains http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=415 Starting from 19th July the long summer of accessible sport activities suggested by Freewhite. text/html 2010-07-28T15:31:37+01:00 http://www.turismabile.it/ Turismabile Fabriano opens to accessible tourism. http://www.turismabile.it/en/notizie/notizia.php?id_notizia=416